Day 12: Rai's TBC Adventures! Crafting DEEP Thunder Today for PVP Soon!

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Ask me anything you'd like about TBC, World of Warcraft and Fury Warriors. Let's craft together and make our characters better! Don't let them tell you Warriors and Rogues aren't good! We are GODS!

After reaching level 70 I focused on getting my epic flying mount than mined for the next day to be able to craft the drakefist hammers. I'll be going Fury in TBC however I'm going protection for this week/tonight. Today's focus is to gear up as much as possible and get all my rep's to revered/exalted.

As a warrior there are some great items you'll be able to get from Reps from Lower City, Shat'tar and Honor Hold. I'm going to aim to unlock all heroics first than we can focus on the Exalted. HYPE FOR TBC, HYPE for Warriors and hype for everyone else!
70 Protection Warrior Grinding Dungeons for Pre Raid BIS - KARAZHAN Tonight at 7!
The long wait is over! TBC is officially here.
My name is Raibread I'll be streaming my TBC adventures every day so if you enjoy the content consider subing and liking the video. Also, if you prefer twitch:

How are you spending your final week in classic?
Currently have 5 60s in Pagle I'll be taking to TBC
Warrior Main, Rogue, Mage, Warlock, Paladin.

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